Domain Names

Kraxon has been providing back office solutions to our clients since 1999, and as such we have many domain names under our umbrella. In some cases our function is purely as technical consultants. For others, we work closely with our clients to bring their requirements to life.

Some of our domain names are not intended for the general public. As such they may point to single page and appear to be inactive. Whilst we appreciate web developers looking for new clients, please do not contact us with offers of creating a web presence.

SPAM and phishing email messages

SPAM and phishing email can attempt to install virus and malware on your computer or to steal your identity. They can contain attachments, links to websites or ask for personal details.

Since Kraxon has a large number of domain names registered under our name. We occasionally get informed of spammers trying to spoof some of our domain names as the sender of SPAM or phishing emails.

Please be assured that we do not send out bulk unsolicited emails. And we do not purchase email address lists from other companies.

Any emails Kraxon sends as part of a mailing list will include the necessary details of how to unsubscribe from the relevant list. Please use the contact us page if you think you have received an email from us without the unsubscribe information. We will endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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